Saturday, October 25, 2008

Painting "Outside of the box"

Look what Betsy Robert’s aka “The Gourd Princess” has been up to!

Gourd Necklaces
Born and raised in Montana, now based in San Diego, California

Gourd Purse's

Betsy had never heard of gourd till she learned to paint with her “favorite uncle” Bob Burbank in July of 2002.

Wanting a hobby to occupy her then spare time she thought painting sounded fun.

Blue Heaven
Many of us will always be grateful to Bob for handing Betsy her first gourd.

"It was LOVE at first sight and feel." says Besty

"This is the perfect form of expression for self proclaimed artist who does not like to think in the box or follow instructions exactly."

The texture in her hand was the most unbelievable experience, as wood was the next medium to learn.

Shimmering Mermaids
Betsy had discovered her new passion, incorporating cholla and saguaro dried cactus in with this new art work.”
In Betsy’s own words,
“Gourds touch my soul and open up a creative spirit that was waiting to be released."

" I love the freedom the gourd provides by each one being so unique and having a life of its own."

Many times I think I know what will be best on the gourd and then “it” changes my mind as we start to work together to completion.

The California Gourd Society competition at Welburn Festival in 2004 awarded her 2nd and 3rd place ribbons.
Featured artist at the Folsom Patron Arts Betsy has a difficult time keeping up with commission orders. Past and Current classes: Galax-Sea Gourd Cruise in April 2009. Folsom Patron of the Arts Show, Wuertz in Casa Grande, AZ, Greg Leiser Gourd Farm in Knights Landing, Ca and the Georgia, Florida, New Mexico, Texas, and Welburn Gourd Farm in Fallbrook, CA. The Inner City Gourd Patch in LA, Santa Anna Zoo Gathering, the Orange County Gourd Patch and Jasmin Gallery in La Jolla, Ca.

For anyone near San Diego area Betsy Roberts hosts intimate 3 day workshops at her home.

Leigh Adams wrote:Betsy Roberts is known for her brave approach to color and form. The dancing coils of joyous color and texture that grace her gourds contain bits and pieces of finery, flash and funk!

Dar Beck wrote:Betsy is Gourd Art Extraordinaire! She loves the use of all colors, textures.

All pieces painted with Radiant Rain, Primary Elements Polished Pigments & Simple Solution mediums Contact Besty:

Dreaming in Color,
Leslie Blackburn Ohnstad

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Gift for you

The holiday's are getting closer and this year more than ever Ill be making hand made gifts.

The idea of using hand decorated papers as gift wrap has been suggested. These shimmering papers are so breathtaking the colors exceded my expectations!

As I was wrapping these packages this months challenge came clear. I need as many kool, funky creative handmade gift ideas I can think of. How about you?

October Challenge 2008

From now till midnight November 15 2008 send me photos of creative gift ideas you can make with papers decorated with Radiant Rain.
We will announce the winner November 21st

Send challenge to:

Tear, glue, layer to your hearts content with these papers. Make cards, scrapbook pages. cover boxes or alter book covers. Im secretly hoping someone will alter a lampshade

Radiant Rain is a hybrid, a cross between a watercolor & acrylic, which means the color will not bleed if you decoupage with these papers.

To make the challenge affordable we are having a sale. Full details on right panel. Plus read about the gift for our bloggers a free bottle of Radiant Rain!

ALL October challenge entry's will receive a voucher worth 20% off your next order

The top three winners will earn vouchers in the amount of:
1st $100, 2nd $75.00 3rd $ 50.00 towards any Luminarte products.

My personal gift idea is to make hand decorated paper for my fellow crafters.

Which will be my personal gift to our top three winners. You will receive a collection of hand decorated papers for winning this challenge.

Dreaming in Color,
Leslie Ohnstad

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Autumn "A breath of fresh air"

Summer seems to last so long that October is like a breath of fresh air.
I love that slight chill in the morning, choosing a light sweater or sweatshirt instead of a T-shirt. The sound of a twig snapping as a bird jumps to another branch, or leaves scattering as you walk across the lawn.
At this magical time of year the trees, vibrant with fireworks of color are at their Autumnal best
Colors brought to mind are bright blue skies, golden browns, olive greens, burnt oranges, copper and deep cherry reds. The paper sample above embodies " fall" colors we're decorating using sandwich wrap and fresh leaves that summer left behind in my garden, before fall steals them away.
On the top right of this blog is a series of YouTube videos demoing this technique,( hit refesh if you do not see it) below that is a slide show of additional paper samples with captions describing which colors and products were used.

(2) Sheets un-waxed sandwich wrap (restaurant supply) Radiant Rain Pure Color
Radiant rain Shimmering Mist
Fresh leaves from garden (leaves with high veins)
Craft cup
Fan brush

Step One: Apply Radiant Rain on sandwich wrap, by pouring drops in small pools, spritzing lighter colors here and there or splattering golds, coppers or bronzes with a fan brush.
Step Two: Crumple top sheet, then flatten sheet back out and lay on top of bottom sheet with color

Step Three: Brayer sheets together, make sure to roll all the color to outside edges of paper. Repeat 3-5 times to be sure all the color is well spread out .

I love the effect the little crimps and creases that form in the paper as I brayer the two sheets together " Roll Right Over Them" is my mantra those little creases are my friends. If you can master applying the right amount of product ( takes a little practice) so the paper is a little on the dryer side "Faux Wax batik" patterns appear.

Step Four: Pull apart, Blow the papers dry with warm air like a blow dryer, if using a heat gun at leat 12-14 inches away

Step Five: Sponge, brush or "dauber" color on fresh leaves. Pick leaves with good veins on backside they make fabulous prints.

Step Six: Press with finger gently like " stamping" I have used an acrylic block or back of a wooden stamp to make a firm print


Leslie Blackburn Ohnstad

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