Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Gift for you

The holiday's are getting closer and this year more than ever Ill be making hand made gifts.

The idea of using hand decorated papers as gift wrap has been suggested. These shimmering papers are so breathtaking the colors exceded my expectations!

As I was wrapping these packages this months challenge came clear. I need as many kool, funky creative handmade gift ideas I can think of. How about you?

October Challenge 2008

From now till midnight November 15 2008 send me photos of creative gift ideas you can make with papers decorated with Radiant Rain.
We will announce the winner November 21st

Send challenge to:

Tear, glue, layer to your hearts content with these papers. Make cards, scrapbook pages. cover boxes or alter book covers. Im secretly hoping someone will alter a lampshade

Radiant Rain is a hybrid, a cross between a watercolor & acrylic, which means the color will not bleed if you decoupage with these papers.

To make the challenge affordable we are having a sale. Full details on right panel. Plus read about the gift for our bloggers a free bottle of Radiant Rain!

ALL October challenge entry's will receive a voucher worth 20% off your next order

The top three winners will earn vouchers in the amount of:
1st $100, 2nd $75.00 3rd $ 50.00 towards any Luminarte products.

My personal gift idea is to make hand decorated paper for my fellow crafters.

Which will be my personal gift to our top three winners. You will receive a collection of hand decorated papers for winning this challenge.

Dreaming in Color,
Leslie Ohnstad


sue pieper said...

I'm loving this blog and all the information that you're sharing, it's great! As of yet, I don't own this paint, but I'm certainly lusting after it from seeing what you've done with it:)

Linda said...

I have never been very artistic, my mother was, but when I discovered Luminarte products (unfortunately when they decided to close - hopefully not tho)I became obsessed!!! I discovered them by accident, and now after ordering almost everything I could, I am anxiously awaiting to develop my "artistic" side. Sorry if I've been a pest to the staff, but I'm thirsty for knowledge.